Staying Positive with a Positive Mental Attitude

The Power of PMA

We’ve all heard the term, “Positive Mental Attitude” at some point throughout our lives. Whether it’s getting ready to perform in front of a live crowd or preparing to face off against a rival team in an athletic competition, we have been told to try and keep a “positive mental attitude” at least once throughout out lives. If you Google the term, you’ll find that per Wikipedia, there is a certain book co-written by two authors where they define what PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) is as well as how they suggest it be applied to one’s mental attitude and daily life. Of course, as with any kind of self-healing/self-help practices, there have been controversies surrounding this philosophy. Full disclosure: I’m not here to sell you on the book, but rather, just talk to you about my definition of PMA and how I try and practice it throughout my day to day activities.

There are so many self-help or self-healing tactics out there. Each one is unique in their own manner and ultimately, it’s up to YOU on how you want to apply various tactics to benefit your lives. For me, it basically came down to applying whatever it is I define as a win for me personally. To be fair, that can mean a lot of things. Is it becoming super rich? Is it becoming a superstar in a specific field? After reading a lot and trying to mimic a certain tactics, I came to the realization on one thing: why not just think about PMA on a day by day basis and tie it to a daily goal. Here’s what I try to do:

  1. Wake up everyday and say ONE thing I want to accomplish for the day out loud.
  2. Say the same ONE thing again.
  3. Say it ONE more time.
  4. Go about my day and try to accomplish the ONE thing I said I wanted to do.

Sounds pretty easy right? Maybe, maybe not. I’m not perfect and mind you sometimes with a busy life and work, I sometimes have a hard time keeping up with my PMA. But as the old saying goes, “practice makes perfect.” My ONE goal I wanted to accomplish today, was writing this post. I’ve put off this post for a few days and just had it in the back of my mind as one of those “I’ll do it later” tasks. However, I decided to just say it out loud and just do it. Is this a huge accomplishment where I should be recognized? NOPE. But ultimately, it’s how I feel and to be honest, I feel proud that I accomplished the ONE thing I said out loud that I would accomplish for the day (OF COURSE I HAD TO A LOT OF OTHER THINGS TO DO OUTSIDE OF THIS BLOG POST) and my mental attitude is pretty positive. It’s the minor things that we take for granted that can make a big difference for our overall attitudes and perspectives. Not saying my method is the best or the right way, but give it a shot if you want. Try and just keep yourself in a positive state of mind through ONE simple goal you wish to accomplish for the day.

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