KPOP is here to stay…It’s now on Broadway!

KPOP on Broadway Musical I wanted to write a post about KPOP and how I recently got to experience first hand how it has evolved and grown so much here in the States. For those who do not know me personally, I am Korean-American. My parents immigrated to the States along time ago and thankfully, […]

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Haven’t done a product review in a long time, but felt this was the perfect app to start off my first 2016 review. A few days ago, I came across an interesting product called, via Twitter. Before I dive deeper, here’s a little background on Anchor via their website: Anchor is a free iPhone […]

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GetCroissant – A Hip New Way To Find Shared Space PT. 2

OK – I’m not going to lie, ever since I came across a few shared space services, I’ve become an avid fan of their services. There are a ton out there, ranging from WeWork, LiquidSpace, and Breather, to certain spots that are more generalized to a specific area. However, when it comes to co-working/shared space, it’s […]

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5 Truths Entrepreneurs Must Know Beforehand – via @Peter Voogd

Ran across this great post via AlleyWatch, written by Peter Voogd. Titled 5 Truths Startup Founders Must Understand about Entrepreneurship, Peter discusses 5 truths he feels all entrepreneurs should get a grasp on before jumping into the startup business. For those who are unfamiliar with Peter, he is the founder of Game Changers Academy, and has […]

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GetCroissant – A Hip New Way To Find Shared Space PT. 1

Edit: I’ve added an awesome YouTube video that’s been done by the Croissant Team! This is a follow up post to yesterday’s post on The Power of SSG – linked for you to read if you want. I wanted to do a separate post regarding a new product/company I came across thanks in part to […]

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Justworks – A Unique All-In-One HR System

Happy Tuesday everyone! I wanted to post about an interesting product I came across via Twitter. The product is called, Justworks – an internal ecosystem management system headquartered in NYC, that helps manage integral parts for companies, such as pay-roll, vacation days, and health insurance. I was contacted by one of their team members via […]

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TechStars – An Accelerator You Should Know About

As promised, this post is about TechStars, an accelerator program for startup founders. Founded in Colorado, the accelerator was started by founding members Brad Feld (one of my favorite VCs to follow), David Cohen, David Brown, and Jared Polis. The accelerator is a 13 week program, and has multiple locations all around the world. It’s on […]

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Sometimes, It’s Good to Just Write

I came across a great share via a Tweet shared by Jeremy Shure, a mentor at TechStars NYC (I’ll post a separate article about the accelerator later). The article he shared was written by Ryan Holiday, author of ‘The Obstacle Is The Way‘ and writer for The New York Observer. In his post, he explains […]

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The 4 Ms of Evaluating Startups

Doing my usual routine of waking up early and checking my favorite tech/startup platforms, I came across this great post via AlleyWatch – one of my favorite NYC based startup/technology news platforms. The post, by George Deeb, a partner at Red Rocket VCs, discusses the 4 important ‘Ms’ to look for when evaluating startups. I’ve […]

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NYC – The New Silicon Valley?

I recently came across an article via AlleyWatch, my go to source for startup and funding related news for New York City. The article basically stated this: 2015 Total funding raised in NYC to date – $5.2 Billion (Click on the link earlier to read the full article). WOW! That’s a lot of investment funds […]

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